Record of the Origin of the Voluntary Slavery of dave

  WHEREAS i, dave, have had the privilege to serve MASTER Wes as His slave-in-training for two months, and

WHEREAS i would cherish serving MASTER Wes as His full-fledged slave through December 31st, 1998, and

WHEREAS i have been given adequate opportunity to discuss my concerns with MASTER Wes , and

WHEREAS i am certain that i understand sufficiently MASTER Wes' intentions, and

WHEREAS i am grateful for the opportunity to do so, therefore

i AM SIGNING and subscribing to this document and its implications, entering into a condition of slavery to MASTER Wes of my own free will and choice, looking upon this document and the life it originates as a special opportunity to express my love for my new Master, MASTER Wes, and to increase the love and liberty in my life.

"slave dave, as slave, agrees to absolute submission to MASTER Wes, SIR. i hereby place responsibility for my care and well being in Your hands, SIR."  

Signed on 18 July, 1998,
at San Francisco, California
Signed on 18 July, 1998,
at San Francisco, California

© 1998-2009 by MASTER Wes