Electricity demonstration - observer's recap


A Sunday Lesson

from the March 1998 Autumn's Season Network

Sunday, January 18, 1998, Pacific Street, Houston, Texas. A bright sunny day, yet 30 people file into a dark bar to learn... to be educated... about ELECTRICITY.

Jeff, the host and founder of HEEL welcomed us all and introduced the speaker/demonstrator for the day, Wes; who had come very well prepared with 5 years of experience and $1,300 worth of equipment to show us all about electrical play.

After greeting us all, Wes passed out an informational flyer with descriptions of equipment, vendors, websites, along with safety tips and general information for all of us attending.

One part of the hand out bears repeating here in this article about electrical play. Here it is as listed in the handout:

After Wes and Jeff talked about safe play with electricity, Wes brought out the Violet Wand. He lit up the wand and showed us how it got its name, from the violet color of the static electricity charges that build up in it. This is the same kind of electrical charge as you get when you are walking across the carpet and then touch something, that sharp little spark. This electricity runs across the skin tickling and sparking. Wes invited volunteers up from the audience, where he then proceeded to "Light up" their lives for a few minutes. This demonstration elicited ooh's and aah's; moans and whimpers; and lots of giggles from Jeff's boy rusty.

Wes next demonstrated his favorite attachment for the violet wand, Lightening HandsTM. Wes was able to walk through the whole audience and give everyone a little taste of electricity. Made everyone smile. [Update: After I developed nerve damage when using this unit I began issuing warnings about it. See possible nerve damage for more information.]

After that soft caress of electricity, Wes moved on to a little more intense device. A Relaxicisor box, this little device uses conductive pads and works off 110 and 220 current to cause muscle contractions. Wes demonstrated on several volunteers' arms making the hands jump and jerk involuntarily. Then Russell from NLA volunteered to drop his pants and Wes proceeded to show us how the muscles in the bottom worked so nicely from this stimulus. Jeff spoke up and told everyone "This is the best f*ck you Never had." The audience loved the quote and the demonstration, Russell was given a rousing burst of applause for his enthusiasm and willingness to share this experience with us.

The Relaxicisor work with cranks, the faster they were turned, the harder the jolt, the feeling more intense. The smiles and wide eyed looks on the volunteers spoke volumes to us, their pleasure evident in their eyes.

The last demonstrastion of the day was the TENS unit. This is a little box of magic created to help relieve muscle pain and stress. But as Wes said, "Some deviant got hold of it, and here we are."

This unit can be plugged in or some use 9 volt batteries, it works with conductive pads or attachments, and conductive gel, ultrasound gel. It works on the nerve bundles, working the muscle groups to relax.

Again, Wes asked for a volunteer, he wanted to demonstrate one of the attachments for the TENS Unit. The audience volunteered Autumn Seasons member caspian for this little demonstration. Wes had caspian insert a specially designed anal plug for the TENS unit. Wes then demonstrated how by applying different settings on the TENS unit the body would contract and send waves and pulses through the nerves, causing pleasure to ripple through the person.

At first caspian was able to describe the feelings as they happened and how they made him feel, but as Wes increased the intensity of the TENS unit, caspian became less wordy and begin to moan lost in the feelings he was receiving.

During all of the demonstrations, Wes showed his skill and experience as a Top. Caring for each volunteer, making sure they were safe and able to continue, checking consistently on their well being. Wes also showed his delight and pleasure in the volunteer's enjoyment.

Personally I never have really played with electricity, but after seeing and hearing the advice and experience today at this HEEL meeting, my interest has peaked and my next step is to find someone to tutor me in this area.

Wes, Jeff, Rusty, russell, caspian and all the other volunteers; Pacific Street and HEEL, thank you again for the hospitality, the information, the education and the friendships you have afforded us on this Sunday Afternoon.

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