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Daddy Barry, Sir, with his boy, Officer Wes at San Diego LGBTQ Pride 2017 in the Leather Realm


Officer Wes & dog


Officer Wes & slave frank


About our leather family

      Officer Wes

o   Officer Wes was looking for a non-live-in slave until slave frank arrived.

o   More about Officer Wes.

o   Pictures

o   Officer Wes' personal journey of leather heart & spirit

o   Officer Wes was looking for a leather Daddy, until he found Daddy Barry.
What was Officer Wes looking for?
Officer Wes' former ad for a leather Daddy.

      Daddy Barry

o   Daddy Barry collars his manboy, Officer Wes.


o   I knew I wanted gentle, sexy, dog as my slave from the moment I first saw him in San Diego in 2003. That happened within a year. But he relocated to Florida circa 2007 to save his home there during the housing crash, which hit his area near NASA sooner than elsewhere due to layoffs. He visited San Diego about twice a year every year in the meantime. Finally, in 2017, the market had recovered enough. Daddy Barry, dog and I decided to sell the "doghouse," and move him back to San Diego. This also involved, as a practical matter, that we move as well -- we simply needed a bit more space. I feel incredibly blessed to have these good men in my life.

      slave frank

o   Officer Wes tells how slave frank became his slave.

o   slave frank shares his journey.


o   How MASTER Wes & cherished former slave, dave (now known as "Deputy"), developed into MASTER & slave.

o   How we marked slave dave going under contract.

      Tom was Officer Wes' partner 1991-2008. (He died 12 years later in 2020. More information at Officer Wes' memorial page.)

      jay was Officer Wes' boy, then slave, from 2003-2008.

      Some of the important men in our lives have had contracts. Here are those contracts, most recent first

o   (Former Austin slave, boy tim, noted in multiple contracts below, died years later in August 2006. More information at Officer Wes' memorial page.)

o   Moving in together decreased the erotic charge for MASTER Wes and boy tim. We ultimately decided to try to un-do what we'd done. Here we share the details from our September-October, 2000 in case it can be helpful to you. And here is an update from 2001.

o   MASTER Wes, Daddy Tom and boy tim's fifth (6 month) contract, March 31, 2000 - September 30, 2000.

o   MASTER Wes, Daddy Tom and boy tim's fourth (3 month) contract, January 1, 2000 - March 31, 2000.

o   MASTER Wes, Daddy Tom and boy tim's third (3 month) contract, October 1, 1999 - December 31, 1999.

o   MASTER Wes' and Daddy Tom's and boy tim's second (2 month) contract, August 1, 1999 - October 1, 1999.

o   MASTER Wes' and boy tim's first (1 month) contract, July 2 - July 31, 1999.

o   Why MASTER Wes and dave ended contract.

o   MASTER Wes' and dave's second contract, January 1, 1999 - (see above).

o   MASTER Wes' and dave's first contract, July 18, 1998 - December 31st, 1998.


Leather resources

      Leather 101

o   a resource prepared for gay leathermen and leatherdykes in San Diego. May broader audiences also find it useful.

      The Good of BDSM

o   benefits we get from having edgy, sexy play.

      Leather and spirituality

o   including an entire presentation and an abbreviated compilation of resources for learning more about spirit/spirituality and leather.

      Leather/SM resources

o   including lifestyle & education, police/uniform, boots, rope & bondage, shopping, whips, rubber, body modifications, straight razor shaving, Leather/SM pictures and stories, and activities in Austin (where we used to live).

      Dominance and submission & Mastery and slavery

o   Wondering about some of the differences in the nuances of submission? Read The Nine Degrees Of Submission.

o   A checklist is one way to identify boundaries for oneself and communicate that information with a potential partner. Here is Officer Wes' play partner checklist. (Do not send one of these unsolicited and expect any form of response.)

o   What about when you have a dear man who desires to submit to you but needs help focusing?

o   A detailed discussion about the differences in leather boys and leather slaves.

o   Here are discussion points generated by Masters and slaves Together (MAsT) NYC on Longevity: Why do Master/slave relationships not last long? / How do we keep them going?

o   Here's a program on Today's Young Masters that was also sponsored by Masters and slaves Together (MAsT) NYC.

o   More Mastery and slavery and domination and submission learning opportunities from our Leather/SM resources.


o   Officer Wes loves good looking uniforms. Here is the e-handout he provides when presenting on uniforms.


o   Officer Wes has been sharing his expertise in the erotic uses of electricity since 1993. Here's the Erotic Electrical presentation handout and the High-End Electrical presentation handout he uses as they stand today. From way back in '98, here's a review of an electricity demo that provides a better overall view given the lack of an interactive demonstration here.

      Rope and bondage

o   resources including How to Make a Rope Harness (by Ropeman)

      Dungeon parties / play parties & release forms

o   If you are new to BDSM parties, you might want to read the Discipline Corps' well-written and more-extensive Play Party Etiquette.

o   If you go to a BDSM party, chances are good you will have to sign a release if you want entrance. Why are releases needed? In part to explicitly limit liability so that parties are feasible. Also in part because play parties can get raided and the existence of proof-of-age and informed consent helps minimize those two areas as issues. Raids still happen. One modern raid was in Attleboro "Paddleboro" Massachusetts. Another was in San Diego, California, with a group called Club X. Want to help or learn more about sexual freedom? Check out the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

o   Officer Wes and Tom hosted a small, private, bimonthly, men's dungeon party from October 2001 - October 2002. We are keeping the resources below to help others who wish to host similar parties:

o   Here were our personal house rules and party etiquette.

o   Here was the house dungeon release that anyone wishing to attend had to sign.

o   Here was more information about the Austin men's party.



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