Table of contents:

         Officer Wes' ad for a non-live-in slave


         What it takes for the two of us to be compatible

         What Officer Wes is like

         Attributes my slave should have

o    Obedience






o    Respect

o    Communicative



o    Disciplined

  Substance free




         What I expect: Officer Wes' protocol for his slave (and for those who desire to be his slave)


Officer Wes' ad for a non-live-in slave:

Handsome Master with bright smile and sense of humor seeks slave. It's easier than it sounds: Mainly you desire to please me. The rest gets worked out.

I've been doing this a while but I'm very open to working with someone who is new to someone more seasoned. Primarily it's good attitude and follow-through.

My slave won't live with me. I live in a beautiful but small space, so the best situation logistically would be where my slave could host me when slave and I get together. My goal is daily communication and getting to see each other at least weekly.

There's an important man in my life named Daddy Barry. We met back in 2003. Two years later, when I was partnered and had two great slaves, I asked him to be my Leather Daddy. We were and are poly so slave would be entering a Leather family.

Required slave qualities: honest, communicative, substance-free, self-supporting, clean/tidy, male, height/weight proportional, already San Diego-based.

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Some brief definitions:

         Leather Daddy -- a dominant man into what's generally considered "kinky." Likes being a father figure for his leather play buddy(ies).

         leather boy -- a submissive man wanting a Leather Daddy father figure. The word "boy" in this sense has nothing to do with biological age. It is a mindset.

vs. the next level of Dominance and submission:

         MASTER -- a dominant man who desires another's absolute submission.

         slave -- a man who feels the need for such a degree of submission that he feels more complete when giving up all control.

The above definitions work as a general model. In June 1999 I added a more detailed discussion about the differences in leather boys and leather slaves.


What it takes for the two of us to be compatible:
A good working knowledge of what I'm like, what the other person should be like, and what is expected.


What Officer Wes is like:

I am extroverted, exhibitionistic, demanding, trustworthy, honest, communicative, enthusiastic, loving, supportive, nurturing, aggressive, fun.


Attributes my slave (and those who desire to be my slave) should have:

1.      Obedience

o    Reliability

o    Honesty

o    Punctuality

o    Dedication

o    Trustworthiness

2.      Respect

3.      Communicative

o    Enthusiastic

o    Passionate

4.      Disciplined

o    Substance-free

o    Self-supporting

o    Clean

o    Faithful


What I expect: Officer Wes' protocol for his slave (and for those who desire to be his slave)

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