How we marked slave dave going under contract


I subscribed to the gl-doms list at This is what I wrote for the list to recap marking my slave, dave:

I wanted to update the list on how it went marking my slave as mine with a Prince Albert piercing.

slave inadvertently heard about the piercing about a month prior. I worked at regaining the element of surprise by offhandedly suggesting that I might have him branded instead. I also moved the date of the piercing so that it wouldn't *exactly* coincide with the end of the two-month trial period being celebrated.

An open question that I'd posed to the list was whether to do the piercing myself or have it done. I have experience maintaining a sterile field, but decided that until I have some hands-on piercing experience that *this* piercing would be done by a professional.

On the day of the piercing, we all (my partner Tom, slave & I) got in the car to go "shopping." I drove. I parked about a block away from Body Manipulations, where I was having the piercing done. Then Tom and I walked briskly up the street with slave keeping pace. When we got to the doorway, I walked on in. slave paused, a bit startled by what was happening. Tom "helped" him through the door. I announced to the lady behind the counter -- and thus confirming to slave as well -- that I was here to have a PA put in my slave by Vaughan, the owner. The lady got out the release forms for slave to sign and Vaughan came out to help me select jewelry. He suggested a 12 or 10 guage. I went with the 10. slave winced. Vaughan set out two beads that he said were customary for that guage. I went with the next bigger one for a bit more heft.

The piercing itself went without a hitch. I held slave during the entire piercing and Tom took pictures. I was very pleased with Body Manipulations as a clean studio and Vaughan as a conscientious piercer. They put on the music I had brought, a 1982 recording of the Gregorian Chant "Death & Resurrection" as performed by The Chant School of Munsterschwarzach Benedictine Abbey. For a brief moment, more noise came from slave than from the stereo. Here I've clamped my hand over slave's mouth because he'd started to holler:

slave with MASTER's hand over his mouth

Here's a photo where the 10 guage 3/4" P.A. is in:

slave pierced

The after-effects? I felt very proud. slave is honored and appreciative. It was a nice bonding experience for the whole family to participate in. Physically, it has only been two weeks, so slave is still tender. But I'm *really* looking forward to playing with slave's pierced dick. My Folsom CBT board has a nice PA attachment (wire) ...

In uniform,

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