How Officer Wes & slave frank developed into Master & slave




I had an ad on that read:

Master seeks slave


Handsome Master with bright smile and sense of humor seeks slave. It's easier than it sounds: Mainly you desire to please me. The rest gets worked out.

I've been doing this a while (Google my name & check out my Web site if you want more) but I'm very open to working with someone who is new to someone more seasoned. Primarily it's good attitude and follow-through.

My slave won't live with me. I live in a beautiful but small space, so the best situation logistically would be where my slave could host me when slave and I get together. My goal is daily communication and getting to see each other at least weekly.

There's an important man in my life named Daddy Barry. We met back in 2003. Two years later, when I was partnered and had two great slaves, I asked him to be my Leather Daddy. We were, and are, poly so slave would be entering a Leather family.

Required slave qualities: honest, communicative, substance-free, self-supporting, clean/tidy, male, height/weight proportional, already San Diego-based.

I rarely exchange messages with pictureless / faceless profile owners, otherwise, most messages get a reply.

Chat me up!


Around the beginning of July 2016, I got the following note:

“Thank you for Master Skip's Cathartic Flogging”

Hey there,
I was exploring and came across you in the Gay Men M/s D/s Personals.
Went to your website and found Master Skip's writing. This resonates so deeply with me. My first BDSM experience was with Body Electric and the long and short of it was I was blown away by the spiritual experience I had. Since childhood I have considered myself a spiritual person. Perhaps for different reason then as now. But I seek that connection in almost all aspects of my life. I have a few men I have connected with in the leather community. It is work to get them to see that this physical gift we have when handled properly can take you to higher places without the use of artificial means. Man, how do I connect with like minded men. I have a few men that want me to teach them the tools I know. With each I start off discussing the purpose and intent of why I use these tools. This is fairly new for me so I can't say they accept what we discuss. But it sure would be nice to connect with men that are already there.
Thanks for listening, I love to get together some time,


We met at Young Hickory on July 4 and visited.  It turned out that Daddy Barry and I had met this man and his husband Chuck back on January 29 when we were at local leatherman Eli’s DJ gathering at Numbers bar.  (And, it turned out, they’d been at a fun electrical presentation for FetishMenSanDiego that I’d given back March 26, 2014.)  We started exchanging e-mails, mainly for advice.  Then August 20 they had us over to their home for a yummy lunch.  And we started seeing them both at the gym. 


The communication accelerated in September; culminating with a Monday evening together on the 26th.  We had a connection.  We began daily communication.  I charged my prospective slave with rating himself on the Nine Degrees of Submission.  He saw elements in different areas, and asked if I would share my answers with him as well.  We went over it together our next get-together on October 3.  Some things that resonated with me, from:

1 --  non-submissive kinky sensualist: enjoying spiced-up sensuality

4 -- true submissive non-slave: really gives up control

7 -- part-time consensual but real slave: regards oneself as the Master’s property at all times

These things resonated with him as well.


I shared how I responded when my first SM Top, Dan Kalin, had me over and a film with a guy in a cage was playing in the background.  Dan invited me to consider being his boy.  And I thought “I can’t be his boy [and be kept in a cage].  I have a job.”  I didn’t realize at the time the film was just setting a mood and being a leatherboy could take many different forms.


He started asking questions:

·         What about his partner?  Of course I would support his anchor relationship.  Plus, both Daddy Barry and I like his partner, and vice-versa; a really important element.

·         What about him enjoying Topping others, like the man who is flirting with being his boy?  That’s fine with me.

·         What about the part where my writings said “substance free”?  Was having a drink at times a deal-breaker?  If he’s a normie, and not an alcoholic, it didn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

·         Previously I’d asked him how some different terms felt in relation to working with me.  “leatherboy” ranked highly.  But I was looking for a slave.  Did we have enough overlap for this to potentially work?  Someone who:

o   wants to form a committed relationship with a special bond

o   strives to be obedient

o   is honest and trustworthy, and

o   has the capacity to trust me entirely


My previous writings included a fifth desirable -- “has the capacity to open his entire life to my control.”  He has an existing anchor relationship.  It’s my bond to support that relationship.  So there will be at least one area outside my control.  Are the other four elements sufficient to be satisfying?  In this case, I believe so.


And, critically important, Daddy Barry -- who by position retains right of first refusal – likes him.

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