It’s never too late; dream, pursue and pray… will happen.




For so many reasons I want to share my story with you.

If you are here and reading this you may already know what I’m trying to say or I hope it may encourage you to continue your exploration.


Had you asked me 30 years ago, when I came out gay, if I would consider any of this I’d have run from you faster than Usain Bolt.

It took me 30 years to reconcile vanilla sex with a man and my Catholic faith; another 25 years to reconcile my Christian based spirituality and life with my husband and the last 5 years reconciling my spirituality with power exchange and intense physical service.


The key for me was seeking a higher goal and taking action.

In addition, it was going through a process, and for each of us it is different, to learn to believe that I am enough, no matter what I do or leave undone.

Then, I needed to surround myself with comrades. For me I needed to bond with Strong, Fearless, Spiritual Warriors.


I began to identify with these words:

Latin word for spirit: Spiritus = soul, courage, vigor, breath, life

Latin word for service: Servitus = servitude, slavery

Latin word for power: Virtus = strength, power, courage, virtue, manliness


It was in 2009 the universe found me ready to begin the final leg of my journey.

That year I participated in The Body Electric (BE) Schools “Celebrating the Body Erotic” (CBE) workshop. It set me on the path to embrace the man I had become.

During that weekend, in a state of euphoria, I kissed my sad little boy good bye and curiously when I did a Leatherman came to me. (at the time, I had no idea what the latter vision meant)


From that time to the fall of 2013 my husband and I explored our erotic selves, expanding our ‘vanilla’ relationship.

That fall my strong, fearless, spiritual warriors from BE encouraged me to explore BDSM through Body Electric’s (BE) Power, Surrender, Intimacy (PSI) workshop.

With their support, I took the leap of faith which opened a new world for me. I learned to love myself that weekend.


I returned home to seek out another tribe of strong, fearless, spiritual warriors.

I began my search at Beat and Greet downtown San Diego. My PSI experience was in a safe space, now I was out in the world and a bit scared.

I will always hold Mike, Bryan and Caryl from Beat and Greet dearly in my heart. Because of the level of comfort, I felt with them I ran towards rather than away from leather, kink, BDSM.

From there I explored Fetishmen San Diego, Club X and the Butchmanns and found my new tribe.


In 2014 I returned to PSI for a week long intensive, adding more men to my tribe.

My initiation as a Leatherman took place August 22, 2015. The intensive lead by Master Dave Allen and my initiation lead by Master of Ceremony, Greg McGuirk.

I symbolically received my cap and it was declared I had earned my leathers and my place as an equal in that circle of powerful men who honored me as a powerful Leather Man.

It was also the time when I acknowledged myself as a proud Switch.


I began to develop skills.

Thank you Papa Tony for teaching me how to use a flogger and single tail.

Thank you Sir Knotty Dan for teaching me how to handle rope.

I started to get good at it:

(Contact me if you cannot access these sites)

I was being asked to teach, give demos at leather meetings, I volunteered as a Leather Realm ambassador.

I was becoming passionate about sharing this ‘realm’. A Realm through which you might touch higher grounds.


Call it what you may, I call Him God, Jesus and in His time He sent me MY Leatherman’s cap.

It came through slave nick tancredi whom I met through Butchmanns.

Before I go any further, let me declare here and now my enduring love and respect for my husband.

We traveled this road together and it was not easy, many tears and fears along the way for both of us and still some.

He is not a Kinkster, though does enjoy Leather. We still are learning to understand what we are and are not for one another. I Love you Chuck (Honey).

On October 28, 2016 I accepted my Leatherman’s cap the weekend of Leather Pride in Palm Springs among an intimate group from my tribe.

My Husband was the man to place my cap on my head that day and I became Sir Francis.


Through my work in the leather/kink community a man pursued me asking to be my boy. That relationship is still a work in progress. However, it is through that encounter I met Officer Wes.

In July of 2016 I reached out to Officer Wes to discuss our synchronous thoughts around BDSM and Spirituality, starting with Cathartic Flogging. I also, had never been Sir to a boy and could use some advice.

From then on, we began increasingly regular discussions eventually leading to discussion of Mastery/slavery.

Keeping my Husband in the loop on all of this we gathered for lunch with Officer Wes and Daddy Barry mid-August and had an enjoyable time.

By the end of September I was beginning to realize I wanted to experience slavery and Officer Wes could be the Master I sought.


Are you with me? If you are perhaps you are wondering about my Husband. I am a blessed man.

When I said dream, pursue and pray… will happen, I did not mean to imply it is easy, its not.

It is work and if you love someone you do the work.

Save it to say that it is still work and will be for a time to come.

But there is growth, there is understanding and with that more love.

I love him more today than ever before.

In November of 2016 Master Wes accepted me as his slave with my husband’s acknowledgment.


So there you have it, a latent dream, pursued and prayed for. It takes more than a willing spirit, but I hope my example shows that it can happen.


Striving to be mindfully present with a loving heart to those I know and those I do not.

slave frank aka Sir Francis

© 1998-2017 by Officer Wes