Having great respect for Dominance and submission
in general: 

and for MASTER Wes' Dominant Mastery,
Daddy Junior Tom's loving Daddying,
and boy tim's thoughtful submission
in particular: 

MASTER Wes, Daddy Junior Tom and boy tim
do hereby commit themselves
to a two month
Dominant / submissive training contract
August 1, 1999 - October 1, 1999.  

For this period, and to the best of each one's ability:
boy tim will conform his will to that of
his MASTER and Daddy Junior;
MASTER Wes and Daddy Junior Tom
will guide boy tim as Their cherished slavepupboy;
all in loving Dominance and submission.

Houston, Texas
August 1, 1999
boy tim
Austin, Texas
August 1, 1999
Daddy Junior Tom
Houston, Texas
August 1, 1999

As witnessed by: Dave
San Francisco, CA



© 1999-2009 by MASTER Wes