001:  Update on the relationship between Officer Wes & Tim

After moving in together in 2000, all three of us realized that the live-in format did not fit us well.   As I wrote in our Wes & Tom + boy tim's 2000:  September-October two primary issues arose:

  1. Living together decreased the Dominant/submissive relationship excitement between Officer Wes and boy tim.
  2. boy tim came to the realization that he enjoys being a leatherboy with a bit more voice than a slaveboy has.

We mapped out a live-in dissolution process in which Officer Wes & Tom would buy a home, Tim (now capitalized) would also buy a home, and the three of us would time moves and finances so that everybody got taken care of.

We held open the possibility of returning to the hot, biweekly, weekend-style Dominant/submissive relationship which the three of us had maintained before Tom and I moved to Austin.

We kept in communication through the spring as we got our respective homes in order.

Then Officer Wes and Tim met May 10 to discuss the open issue.  Tim shared that, at a recent Discipline Corps gathering, he Topped someone.  He enjoyed himself, and wanted to pursue this new interest.  I am disappointed for Me, but happy for Tim.




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