This men's leather event no longer happens.
It ran from October 2001 - October 2002.


House Rules and Party Etiquette

This is a private party in our home, and you are our personal guests. We want you to feel welcome and have a good time! Nonetheless, we are the people responsible in the unlikely event any law enforcement issue should arise. Accordingly, should a law enforcement representative come to the door you expressly do not have our permission to grant them entry. Instead, get one of us, immediately!


House Rules

  1. Each attendee and his guest must be 18 years of age or older.*
  2. Illegal substances or alcohol of any kind are NOT allowed on the premises.*
  3. Firearms are not allowed in the house
  4. There is no smoking in the house. A smoking area with seating is available out back if it's not raining. Please use the ashtrays provided.
  5. No outdoor nudity. We are in a residential neighborhood where there are children and non-consenting adults who might see you or a guest.
  6. No water sports scenes. We are not equipped to handle such given the bathrooms will be for non-scene use.
  7. Please be mindful of excessive noise for the neighbors, especially as the party nears the end. Donít make any loud noises, especially outside. Bring a gag and use it, or borrow one. Only quiet subs may be played in the garage.
  8. Ample parking is available on the street. The usual courtesies apply: Don't block any driveways or park in another home's driveway.
* These rules help protect the hosts and attendees from legal liabilities.


Party Etiquette

  1. All play shall be consensual.
  2. The "safe" word for everyone to utilize shall be "RED". When "RED" is called, the scene stops and play between the two involved will not resume.
  3. Do not monopolize the equipment.
  4. Do not interfere with a scene (do not invade scene space, etc).
  5. Please keep conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum in the play areas, and at a low volume in other areas. This can be more distracting than you realize.
  6. Do not join a scene unless specifically asked to do so.
  7. Please clean up after your scene.
  8. Please feel free to use our BDSM furniture and the bondage gear attached to it, i.e., clips, supporting chains, restraints that may be present, etc. Do not use our other gear without *specific* permission from us. Look, donít touch.
  9. Fire play and wax:
    • Restricted to the garage since it has a concrete floor.
    • Read the fire extinguisher's instructions and then place it next to the scene.
    • Have a wet towel next to you in a bowl of water.
    • If doing a fire scene, arrange for a "spotter" who will agree to be a backup for safety.
    • If doing a wax scene, please place a tarp or sheet underneath and around your area.
  10. Cameras and other types of recording devices are NOT allowed without the express written permission of the hosts and those being photographed.
If you are new to BDSM parties, you might want to read the Discipline Corps' well-written and more-extensive Play Party Etiquette and FAQ.

Have fun!

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